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Who can join ECCO and how?

Who Can Join?

Although ECCO is interested in enrolling those who have a connection with Chennai's ECR, membership is open to all those who believe in the ECCO Mission and are in accord with the ground rules set out in the FAQs.

Benefits of Joining

For ECCO members, commitment comes before rights and benefits. Benefits are receiving information, support and case studies from other members. The ultimate benefit is the satisfaction of creating a pleasanter world and being inspiring role models for the younger generation.

How Can You Join?

Please read all that has been set out in the Home, Mission and FAQ pages and ask yourself if you are willing to commit yourself. If yes....

Copy the following statement on a sheet of paper:

I hereby declare that I am willing to be an environment conscious citizen, practice an environment enhancing life, abide by the laws that exist to protect the environment, support fellow members in whatever way I can and reach out to spread environmental awareness.
I agree to permit my name and contact details to be listed at the ECCO News website.
[Phone/ fax/ eMail]
and, finally...

Mail it to
Navaz Currimbhoy
2/157 Karikkattu Kuppam
Muttukkadu Village
Chennai 603112