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Q & A about ECCO

 How does one join ECCO?
Please click the 'Join' link on top. You will find the required information there.

 Why must a I send a signed statement to become a member?
There are two reasons for this. For one it commits you to an environment conscious life style. ECCO's emphasis is on duties before rights. Secondly, it adds credibility to the organisation. Far too often, groups are too easy to joing. They fail because there is too much divergence among members' outlook.

 What are ECCO's planned activities?
The first task is to gather a hardy core of committed members who practice, promote and protect environment enhancing ways of life. By then this site will be up to speed and disseminate happenings, news and ideas. There would also be a contact database which will enable us to come together on crucial issues. Once we inform ourselves, our behaviour alters for the better. When that happens we develop the courage to stand up and speak out as when the need arises. ECCO will mostly been an online group with occasional meetings.

 What are the things expected from members?
Basically members are expected to share their experience, ideas and crucial information they come by. If you have implemented an innovation this site would like to publicise it. Do try and attend the infrequent meetings. If you are able use use your contacts to help a member please do. Publicise ECCO's work.

 What is the subscription fee?
Membership is free. Signed commitment is the only requirement for membership.

 How will ECCO support itself?
Costs are not unbearable yet. If we do face high expenses we can discuss ways of raising funds for that specific purpose. One idea is to make cloth shopping bags with the ECCO logo and sell them to members who want them. This is much better than the usual t-shirt or cap idea: a bag serves a purpose, declares our commitment and publicises ECCO. If down the years, ECCO finds an environment related project, it can gear up to raise funds.

 Will ECCO initiate litigation on my behalf?
The answer is an emphatic no. It can offer counsel and a road map but it is up to an individual to take his problem forward. But if ECCO does get going we believe litigation may not be necessary at all. Representation, discussion, publicity, persuasion and compromise will solve most problems. In any case ECCO primary aim is to promote awareness and practice, not confrontation.

 How does one leave ECCO?
It is possible that you may disagree with an ECCO action plan in the future and want to dissociate yourself from it. If you make that unfortunate decision send a letter saying so and your name will be removed from the members' list and from this site.