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Tsunami::Donor List
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Funds received or pledged [P]
Foreign currency is indicated by an * and taken at Rs.43 per $. Exact credit received will be reflected later

 No  Donor  Rs.
1 M Shivkumar, Florida, USA 5,400
2 Navaz Currimbhoy, Muttukkadu, India 5,000
3Ms.Bilkiz Currimbhoy, Muttukkadu, India[P] 2,000
4Gratian Govias, Muttukkadu, India[P] 1,500
5GoodNewsIndia Foundation, Muttukadu, India 5,000
6V Chandra Sekar, Chennai, India 5,000
7Ms Rajeswari, Chennai, India[P] 2,500
8*Ms Suchitra Patil, USA[P]4,300
9Suheem Sheikh, Chennai, India[P] 20,000
10Rajat Basu[P]1,500
11Vasu Comadur 5,000
12J Shankar[P]20,000
13Durga Prasad, Chennai, India 10,000
14Poonam, Chennai, India[P]1,000
15VC Murali & Rajeswari, Chennai, India 10,000
16Sanjeev Misra, Chennai, India2,000
17M C Vinod Kumar, Chennai, India 1,500
18Ms Evelyn Morris, Chennai, India100
19Ms Priti Narasimhan, Bombay, India 2,000
20Ms Jaya Narasimhan, Chennai, India2,000
21Ms Arati and Tarun Datta, Chennai, India 3,000
22Ms Tanya and Saeesh, Sydney, Australia3,000
23D K Shah, Chennai, India [P] 10,000
24Ben Wahi, Minneapolis, USA4,300
25K P Rajan, New York, USA [P] 4,300
26Ms Ruby Malaiarasan, Chennai, India250
27V Jayachandran, Chennai, India 200
28Ms Usha and Gopi, Chennai, India150
29Ms Mithila and Kannan, Chennai, India 7,000
30K Suresh Kumar, Chennai, India10,000
31D P Santhanam, Chennai, India 2,000
32D P Rajagopal, Chennai, India2,000
 Total:  142,500

Amounts spent so far:

Spent on Rs.
Dec26: Dry food 2,600
Dec27: Dry Food, Mos Coils 2,000
Dec28: Soap,candy, Mos Coils 700

Materials received or pledged

Donor Material Qty
Ms. Preetha Reddy Blankets 250 nos
Round Table #126 Rice [P] 400 kg
Austin Rebeiro Rice [P] 300 kg
Ms.Arati Datta Rice [P] 75 kg
Ms.Sudha Swamy Rice [P] 75 kg
D V Narasimhan Rice [P] 75 kg