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On Mar 23, two school girls of Indian origin, Ms Prarthana and Ms Priyanka, studying in the International School at the Hague, visited the village and donated Rs.1.4 lakhs on behalf of Indo-Dutch Association and their school, which had raised that money

On April 11, Ms Anuradha Bakshi and Mr B N Das visited the village to dedicate ECCO11 and ECCO15
Welcome Ms. Anu Bakshi

Das Family being welcomed

Children's own welcome

Dedicating ECCO 11 & 15 to the village

On Mar 26, Mrs & Mr E K Parthasarathy visited the village to dedicate ECCO12 donated on behalf of their grandchildren

Honouring the donors

Anu Bakshi with ECCO11 donated by the children of Project Why, New Delhi

Das with ECCO15 donated by Hueguenin Rallapalli Foundation, USA

The gathering fleet