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The Boats Parade::ECCO-4 and -5
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Donors who built ECCO-4

Ms Alpana Parida, India 4,357.00
Kartikeyan, India 2,000.00
Ms Sangeeta Pikale,India 1,000.00
Cyrus Hirjee, India 200.00
Ms Sharon,India 500.00
Anil Makhija, India 500.00
Sanjeev, India 500.00
Ms Meena, India 100.00
Partiban, India 100.00
Ms Sashi, India 100.00
Ms Deepa, India 100.00
Ms Thilaga, India 50.00
Ms Kumutha, India 50.00
Kapil Talwar,India 5,000.00
Phatak Family, India 5,000.00
Ms Komalavalli, India 300.00
Ms Sudha and S T Arasu, India 5,000.00
R Rajagopalan, India 2,000.00
Devendra K Shah, India 10,000.00
Mani Ayer, India 2,500.00
Ms Bilkiz Currimbhoy, India 2,000.00
Ganpat Mani, USA 25,000.00
Ms Vaidehi Rajagopalan, India 3,000.00
Total 69,357.00

Donors who built ECCO-5

Prasad Subramanian, India 40,000.00
Rami Reddy, India 15,000.00
Raghav, India 15,000.00
Total- 70,000

Two villages with ECCO

Under the agreement entered into with the KKKuppam Fishermen's Panchayat, they are free to nominate the final user of a donated boat as long as the boat is not sold and stays within the village. They merely have to inform ECCO of the change of ownership within 30 days.

Current nominees for ECCO4 are:
1- G V Murugan
2- V Sankar
3- S Gopu

Current nominees for ECCO5 are:
1- A Arumuga Chettiar
2- P Ramadas
3- S Murali

The growing fleet: now there are five
Visitors from France at kkKuppam
...and in a huddle at rKuppam

On Jan 10,2005 just 15 days after the tsunami, ECCO had worked out its road-map and gave the first build order for a new boat. It was probably the first such act in TN, when all around us people were in panic relief mode or still talking of what to do.

Gandhirajan's boatyard was a deserted scene those days. He had shut down because of accumulated losses. Our order for 2 boats and promise of more, a visit with him to his banker and a private loan from ECCO members to get him started have all paid off.

He's a transformed man today, with close to 100 boat orders. He turns away new customers. But for ECCO he remains a loyal builder, who has promised to produce the ECCO series without interruptions.