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The Boats Parade::ECCO1
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Donors who built ECCO-1

GoodNewsIndia Foundation- 5,000
The Currimbhoy Family- 6,000
Shivkumar Mahadevan, USA- 4,900
Ms Rajeswari and V C Murali- 10,000
Vasu Comadur- 5,000
Sanjeev Misra- 2,000
Durga Prasad- 10,000
M C Vinod Kumar- 1,500
Ms Revathy and Ms Singaram- 7,000
Ms Jaya Narasimhan- 2,000
Ms Arati and Tarun Datta- 3,000
Ms Priti Narasimhan- 2,000
Ben Wahi, USA- 4,300
Ms Tanya and Saieesh, Australia- 3,000
D P Santhanam- 2,000
D P Rajagopal- 2,000
Total- 69,700

P Gandhirajan who is building the ECCO boats

D V Sridharan's address


On Dec 26 a tsunami visited this village from faraway and caused destruction.

This Jan26, this boat ECCO1, comes to our village borne by little waves from all over the world. There are more boats that will be coming here.

People you may never see in your lives, people who want nothing back from you, have contributed to build this boat. They are Indians and foreigners, young and old, poor and rich. They have paid between Rs 50 and Rs 70,000.

These little waves together will become a big love-tsunami.

Yesterday, I received this draft for Rs.70,000 from a pavement school of poor children in Delhi called Project Why. These children and their teachers went from door to door and collected between Rs.1 and Rs 100 to raise this money for a full boat.

There are many such stories behind the love-tsunami ECCO has been witnessing. I want you all be aware of their gestures and humanity.

ECCO is a very small group and its members are not rich. But they have idealism, hope and faith in Gandhi. Our goals are only two: getting the laws of the land to be enforced and protecting the environment. ECCO has no enemies but it will fearlessly struggle against anyone who offends its goals.

The people of the Kuppam and ECCO have struggled together for the last one year on local issues. We have failed so far. But after this love-tsunami that begins with this first boat, have the confidence we will prevail in the end. And through us, the environment and laws of the land will triumph.

Let us today, see the power of self-lessness, silently thank our well wishers all over the world and have the confidence that the future is bright if we think of others.

Under the agreement entered into with the KKKuppam Fishermen's Panchayat, they are free to nominate the final user of a donated boat as long as the boat is not sold and stays within the village. They merely have to inform ECCO of the change of ownership within 30 days.

Current nominees for ECCO1 are:
1- M Rajendran
2- S Ramesh
3- P Jayaseelan

Keen observers
It's India's Republic Day! So ECCO-1 sports a flag as she leaves the boatyard
ECCO-1 awaits as she is being commended to the fishermen
D V Sridharan, President of ECCO speaks of the wavelets of love that ECCO1 sailed in on
Navaz Currimbhoy, Secretary hands over ECCO-1 papers to the Headman, KKKuppam
Fond examination