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April 20, 2005:

Mr R Nataraj IPS, Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai is renowned for being a no-nonsense officer committed to law and order. On Apr 20, we understood why.

When a large delegation of ECCO members residing around VGP Golden Beach Resorts, MGM Beach Resorts and Green Coconut Resorts called on him to express their agony over having to endure noise law violations, the Commissioner was all ears and patient.

We expressed our confidence that these Resorts will be taught that they were not above law, now that the Greater Chennai Police Commisionerate extends upto Muttukkadu. He assured us that we could see changes soon. Rarely for a police officer he volunteered his contact numbers to stay in touch.

For over three years we have endured obscene, noisy parties that go on at all hours, day and night because these resorts claim to be specially privileged as they cater to tourists. They may be wealthy but they know little about refined behaviour, considerateness, the environment and the rule of law.